At present, the shipping company has four container feeder ships that stand out because of their high ice class (E3) and ship speeds that for this vessel design and size are superior to the competition. The design and technical equipment of these vessel models, which have not been built as part of a standard series, have been defined and executed in accordance with specific requirement profiles determined in close collaboration with the charterer of many years’ standing. The company’s vessels operate in regularly scheduled service on routes in the North and Baltic Sea areas and between mainland Spain and the Canary Islands.

flotte kleinAs is tradition, the vessels of Reederei H.-P. Wegener sail under German flag and are staffed primarily by German officers and crew. The shipping company’s aspirations include as well the promotion of young seafarers and their training. On average, a total of 15 school graduates have the opportunity to participate in a 3-year training programme leading to qualification as a general purpose rating. This certification generally serves as the prerequisite for obtaining subsequently a engineering or navigationall officer’s patent. Moreover, the shipping company offers training programmes for certification as a navigational and engineering officer’s assistant (NOA/EOA).

There are currently four vessels in the fleet of Reederei H.-P. Wegener: